Kyle Lee Promoted to Crew Chief

Congratulations, Kyle, on this well-earned career advancement!

Kyle Lee
Kyle Lee, CHW Crew Chief

GAINESVILLE, FL, March 12, 2024 – CHW is excited to announce the promotion of Kyle Lee to the position of Crew Chief in the Surveying + Mapping Department.

Kyle joined CHW as an Instrument Man in August of 2022 while also pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Geomatics from the University of Florida. Since then, he’s expanded his skills and knowledge through hands-on experience and continued education.

As Crew Chief, Kyle will continue to uphold CHW’s commitment to delivering high-quality surveying and mapping services while leading his team to exceed client expectations.

“Kyle’s consistently strong work ethic and attention to detail are impressive,” said Aaron Hickman, Vice President and Principal Surveyor. “He’s exemplified a dedication to quality that inspires his colleagues and sets a standard of excellence within the team.”