Surveying + Mapping

Our team of professional land surveyors focus on cost-effective accurate data collection and mapping for land acquisitions, site development, residential and mortgage surveying, land planning, architectural, and civil and transportation engineering designs.

We assist you in determining the scope of your surveying needs.

CHW’s Land Surveyors specifically offer the following services:

  • ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys
  • Commercial / Residential Boundary
  • Construction Layout Services
  • Platting Services, Design, and Lot Staking
  • Minor Subdivisions, Lot Splits, Boundary Line Adjustments
  • Topographic and Tree Surveys
  • As-Built / Record
  • Wetland & Environmental Surveys
  • Platting / Condominium Surveys
  • Hydrographic Surveys
  • FEMA Elevation Certificates
  • Subsurface Utility Locations
  • Aerial Mapping

Associated Team

Kevin Hewett Professional Land Surveyor Gainesville
Kevin W. Hewett, PLS
Vice President / Shareholder
Aaron Hickman Director of Surveying + Mapping Gainesville
Aaron Hickman, PSM
Director of Surveying + Mapping
Jason Claus Professional Land Surveyor Jacksonville
Jason Claus
Martin Dardis Senior Project Manager Surveying and Mapping
Martin Dardis, PSM
Sr. Project Manager
Kevin Smith PSM land surveyor project manager in Gainesville
Kevin Smith, PSM
Senior Project Manager
Chad Colson Headshot, Senior project manager
Chad Colson, PSM
Senior Project Manager
Kelly Bishop CHW Professional Consultants
Kelly Bishop
Executive Assistant
Wes Smiley Land Surveyor Gainesville
Wes Smiley
Field Crew Supervisor
Land Surveyor
Kiley Bailey
Sr. CADD Technician
Ken Mobley Land Surveyor Gainesville
Ken Mobley
CADD Technician
Nick Dupont Surveying + Mapping Department Gainesville
Nick Dupont
CADD Technician
Andrew Stanton Land Surveyor CADD Designer Jacksonville, Florida
Andy Stanton
CADD Technician
Wayne McDonald, PSM
Crew Chief
Justin Markham Land Surveyor Gainesville
Justin Markham
Crew Chief
William Spencer Land Surveyor Jacksonville
William Peters
Crew Chief
Ryan Quinn Land Surveyor Gainesville
Ryan Quinn
Crew Chief
Jon Woods Land Surveyor Crew Chief Gainesville, Florida
Jon Woods
Crew Chief
Jeff Prior Land Surveyor in Gainesville, Florida
Jeff Prior
Crew Chief
Mike Legros Field Crew Chief Gainesville Jacksonville Ocala
Mike Legros
Field Crew Chief
Mack Vaughn Land Surveyor Jacksonville
Mack Vaughn
Jr. Crew Chief
Nate Bole Jr. Crew Chief CHW Surveying and Mapping Team
Nate Boles
Jr. Crew Chief
Matt Wilkinson Land Surveyor Gainesville
Matt Wilkinson
Instrument Person
Jeff McMillin Land Surveyor Gainesville
Jeff McMillin
Instrument Person
Travis Young Instrument Person Jacksonville, Florida
Travis Young
Instrument Person
Lawton Carter
Instrument Person
Trey Patterson Instrument Person in land surveyor services in Gainesville, Florida
Trey Patterson
Instrument Person
Dylan Linville Survey Land Surveyor Instrument Person Alachua Gainesville
Dylan Linville
Instrument Person
Tyler Nutter Instrument Person Intern Gainesville Land Surveyor Civil Engineering
Tyler Nutter
Instrument Person Intern