Surveying + Mapping

Our team of professional land surveyors and mappers focuses on cost-effective, accurate data collection and mapping for land acquisitions, site development, residential and mortgage surveying, land planning, architectural, and civil and transportation engineering designs.

Since the beginning in 1988, CHW has offered land surveying and mapping services, working closely with governmental and local municipalities, commercial developers, healthcare campuses, and planning, design, and construction entities while serving the communities where we work and live. No matter the size or type of project, our land surveying and mapping professionals can assist you in determining the scope for your projects.

When we leverage our 30+ years of providing ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys, Topographic Surveys, Subsurface Utility Location/Investigation, Construction Staking, and Aerial Mapping surveying services, we utilize the latest industry technologies to complete your project with efficiency, accuracy, and concern for our surrounding environments. The Surveying + Mapping team provides the data that inspires design for communities to transform into pedestrian-friendly destinations, to create landscapes that center a health complex, to develop retail and commercial shopping centers, to provide engaging environments at educational institutions – all through our extensive land, commercial, and environmental surveying service offering.

CHW Professional Consultants’ objective is always the same as yours: to empower progress. To learn more about our complete surveying and mapping services, get in touch with us today.

CHW’s Land Surveyors specifically offer the following services:

  • ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys
  • Commercial / Residential Boundary
  • Construction Layout Services
  • Platting Services, Design, and Lot Staking
  • Minor Subdivisions, Lot Splits, Boundary Line Adjustments
  • Topographic and Tree Surveys
  • As-Built / Record
  • Wetland & Environmental Surveys
  • Platting / Condominium Surveys
  • Hydrographic Surveys
  • FEMA Elevation Certificates
  • Subsurface Utility Locations
  • Aerial Mapping
  • 3D Scanning Systems

Associated Team

Kevin Hewett Professional Land Surveyor Gainesville
Kevin Hewett, PLS
Chief Strategy Officer
Vice President of Surveying + Mapping
Aaron Hickman, PSM
Vice President
Dave Dagostino, PSM
Vice President
Kevin Smith PSM land surveyor project manager in Gainesville
Kevin Smith, PSM, CH
Director of Surveying + Mapping
Jason Claus
James Condon, PSM
Director of Southwest Florida
Chad Colson Headshot, Senior project manager
Chad Colson, PSM
Senior Project Manager
Austin Blasz Land Survey Project Manager
Austin Blazs
Survey Project Manager
Clint Rickner Land Survey Project Manager Ocala
Clint Rickner, PLS
Survey Project Manager
Mike Holmes
Project Manager
Seth Rearick
Project Manager
Terry Alcorn
Fort Myers Office Manager
Kelly Bishop CHW Professional Consultants
Kelly Bishop
Executive Assistant
Cassie Channell
Project Assistant
Terry Rushing
CADD Manager
Kiley Bailey
Senior CADD Technician
Ken Mobley Land Surveyor Gainesville
Ken Mobley
Senior CADD Technician
George Gay Joins CHW as Land Surveying Senior CADD Technician in Central Florida
George Gay
Senior CADD Technician
Isaac Ruiz
Senior CADD Technician
Nick Dupont Surveying + Mapping Department Gainesville
Nick Dupont
CADD Technician
Wes Smiley Land Surveyor Gainesville
Wes Smiley
CADD Technician
Nathalia Herrera
CADD Technician
Federico Argueta
CADD Technician
Jason Velas
CADD Technician
Lawton Carter, SIT
CADD Technician
Nate Bole Jr. Crew Chief CHW Surveying and Mapping Team
Nate Boles
SUE Technician
Wayne McDonald, PSM
Crew Chief
Justin Markham Land Surveyor Gainesville
Justin Markham
Crew Chief
William Spencer Land Surveyor Jacksonville
William Peters
Crew Chief
Jon Woods Land Surveyor Crew Chief Gainesville, Florida
Jon Woods
Crew Chief
Jeff Prior Land Surveyor in Gainesville, Florida
Jeff Prior
Crew Chief
Mike Legros Field Crew Chief Gainesville Jacksonville Ocala
Mike Legros
Crew Chief
Denny Schmit
Crew Chief
Tommy Jackson
Crew Chief
Stephen Wilson
Crew Chief
Stephen Poole
Crew Chief
Brandon Martinez
Crew Chief
Max Pettit
CADD Technician
Travis Gossard
Crew Chief
Bryan Martinez
Crew Chief
​​​​Jake Webb
Crew Chief
Marcus Johnson
Crew Chief
Ed Aleman
Field Crew Chief
Brian Gilmore
Jr. Crew Chief
Matt Wilkinson Land Surveyor Gainesville
Matt Wilkinson
Instrument Person
Robert Daniels Joins CHW Surveying and Mapping team as CADD Tech
Robert Daniels
Instrument Person
Danny King
Instrument Person
Josh Campbell Engineering Land Surveying + Mapping Instrument Person Florida Jacksonville
Josh Campbell
Crew Chief
Kyle Lee Land Surveying + Mapping Alachua Engineering
Kyle Lee
Instrument Person
Mark Portwood Instrument Person Surveying + Mapping Land Surveyor Greater Gainesville Florida
Mark Portwood
Instrument Person
Payton Johnson
Instrument Person
Jesse De Gaetano
Instrument Person
Kevin Eddy
Instrument Person
Luke Floyd
Instrument Person
Shawn Merriss
Instrument Person