Ecological Services

CHW’s Ecological Services team was founded to assist clients and communities obtain sound environmental guidance and balanced solutions for all their development and mitigation needs.  From project inception to completion, we develop efficient holistic solutions backed by a multi-disciplinary team of experts to help navigate the complex regulatory rules and permitting process.

CHW’s Ecological Services Team specializes in:

  • Wetland Delineation 
  • Threatened & Endangered Species Survey (T&E) 
  • Gopher Tortoise Survey
  • Wetland Mitigation Design 
  • Project Development & Environmental Assessments (PD&E) 
  • State & Federal Wetland Permitting 
  • Uniform Mitigation Assessment Method (UMAM) 
  • Listed Species Permitting 
  • Wetland Compliance Monitoring & Reporting 
  • Expert Witness Testimony 
  • Water Level Monitoring 
  • Habitat Management & Restoration Plans 
  • Mitigation Banking Design & Permitting 
  • Protected Species Monitoring 
  • Seagrass & Benthic Resource Assessment 
  • Geophysical Exploration Applications 
  • Spatial Modeling & Analysis (GIS) 

Associated Team

E.J. Bolduc III Land Planning and Urban Design Gainesville
Sr. Vice President
Andy Woodruff
Vice President
Craig Brashier CHW Professional Consultants
Craig Brashier, AICP
Director of Planning
Brett Bartek Ecological and Environmental Consultant Florida Alachua Southwest
Brett Bartek
Ecological Consultant
Braxton Linton III joins CHW Urban Planning and Design as Project Planner
Braxton Linton III
Project Planner
Ethan Vroonland Ecologist I Ecological Services Alachua
Ethan Vroonland
Ecologist I
Kim Baxter Project Assistant Planning, Design, Ecological
Kim Baxter
Project Assistant