Planning + Design

CHW’s land planning, urban planning and design team represents passionate planners, versatile urban designers, and creative landscape architects. We will work with you to provide innovative visioning, conceptual land planning, and site design services to create successful spaces that enhance our communities. Our architects, designers, and urban planners always consider the bigger picture in every city planning and community design project. Our urban planner portfolio is filled with projects that have made a positive impact on their communities, transforming them and empowering progress thanks to our expertise.

This multi-faceted team can take on any role and is ready to take on various urban design and regional planning tasks.

We walk you through a regulatory process during town planning and design with ease, clearly convey technical information to any audience, and develop studies and reports to educate project stakeholders and the public about a project. As visionaries, the Planning + Design team shines.

CHW’s Land Planning & Urban Design Team specifically offers the following services:

  • Master Planning
  • Urban Design and Infill Redevelopment
  • Land Use & Zoning Entitlements
  • Due Diligence
  • Community Planning
  • Corridor and Streetscape Design
  • Vision Documents and Design Guidelines
  • Small Area Planning, Site Design, and Placemaking
  • Landscape, Hardscape, and Irrigation Design
  • Construction Management and Implementation
  • Graphic & Document Design; Presentation Graphics;  Branding
  • Illustrations and Renderings
  • Sustainable Design

Associated Team

Gerry Dedenbach Land Planning Gainesville
Gerry Dedenbach, AICP, LEED AP
Vice President
Craig Brashier CHW Professional Consultants
Craig Brashier, AICP
Director of Planning
Ryan Thompson Land Planning Gainesville
Ryan Thompson, AICP
Senior Project Manager
Braxton Linton III joins CHW Urban Planning and Design as Project Planner
Braxton Linton III
Project Planner
E.J. Bolduc III Land Planning and Urban Design Gainesville
Vice President
Laurie Hall Landscape Architecture Gainesville
Laurie Hall, ASLA, PLA, ISA
Vice President
Max Deledda Landscape Architecture
Max Deledda, PLA
Senior Project Manager
Caeli Tolar Landscape Architecture Gainesville
Caeli Tolar, PLA
Senior Project Manager
Buford Davis Landscape Architecture Gainesville
Buford Davis, PLA
Senior Landscape Architect
John-Michael Simpson, landscape architecture project manager, Gainesville, FL
John-Michael Simpson, PLA
Project Manager
Danika Oliverio, MLA
Project Manager
Margot Maurer
Professional Planner
Leena Rosario Landscape Architecture Gainesville
Leena Rosario
Landscape Designer
Carlos Perez Landscape Designer Gainesville
Carlos Perez
Landscape Designer
Caroline Randall Urban Design and Transportation Engineering
Caroline Randall
CADD Designer
Don Burleson GIS Technician II Planning and Urban Design Southwest Florida Ft. Myers
Don Burleson
GIS Technician II
Kim Baxter Project Assistant Planning, Design, Ecological
Kim Baxter
Project Coordinator
Romy Garraud Urban Planning and Design Greater Gainesville Florida
Romy Garraud
Urban Planning Student Intern
Han Liu
Landscape Designer