Our engineering professionals ensure your project proceeds from planning through construction seamlessly. CHW’s dedicated staff exercises detailed and innovative solutions to ensure the highest quality work.

CHW’s Civil Engineering team specifically offers the following services:

  • Master Planning
  • Site Design and Engineering
  • Water and Sewer Infrastructure
  • Utility Engineering
  • Stormwater Management Systems
  • Sustainable Design Services (LEED, Low Impact Design)
  • Municipal, County state, and Federal permitting

Associated Team

Robert Walpole Civil Engineering Gainesville
Robert J. Walpole, PE, LEED AP
President / Principal Engineer
Daniel Young Civil Engineering
Daniel Young, PE, LEED AP
Vice President
Travis Hastay Civil Engineering Gainesville
Travis Hastay, PE
Senior Project Manager
Mitchell Mason CHW Professional Consultants
Mitchell Mason, EI
Project Manager
Chris Thornton Civil Engineering Gainesville
Christopher F. Thornton
Project Engineer
Walker Owen Project Engineer joins Engineering Team at CHW Professional Consultants
Walker Owen, El
Project Manager
Cole Menhennett Headshot Project Engineer in CHW Gainesville, Florida
Cole Menhennett
Project Engineer
Nicola Cowap, project engineering in civil engineering, Gainesville, FL
Nicola Cowap
Project Engineer
Gabriela Zuber Project Engineer Land Development Civil Engineering Gainesville
Gabriela Zuber, EI
Project Engineer
Tatiana Galiano Project Engineer Land Development Civil Engineering Gainesville
Tatiana Galiano, EI
Project Engineer
Thomas Cowart Civil Engineering Gainesville
Thomas Cowart
Sr. CADD Designer
Kurt Merritt Civil Engineering Gainesville
Kurt Merritt
Senior CADD Designer
David Santa Civil Engineering Ocala
David Santa
Senior CADD Designer
Josh Thomas Civil Engineering Gainesville
Josh Thomas
Senior CADD Designer
Felipe Bermudez joins the Land Development Engineering Team as a CADD Designer
​​​​Felipe Bermudez
CADD Designer
Jessica Junkin Civil Engineering Gainesville
Jessica Junkin
Project Coordinator